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More Speed & Higher Integrity: EMC & Oracle Deepen VMAX & VNX Integrations For Oracle 12c

Mandeep Bhullar

Director Strategic Alliances at EMC

Being in Alliances is an exhilarating job. As the facilitator between two large, global technology companies I have the great privilege of connecting the dots between our respective corporate strategies in order to create value for our customers.

So where do we start? We begin by listening to our customers and identifying opportunities where we deepen integrations to help improve performance and efficiencies. We conducted a recent survey with the IOUG that uncovered the top challenges facing Oracle DBAs today. One interesting finding was that 80% of IT organizations identified collaboration between DBAs and storage administrators as key to the productivity of the organization. This sounds like something EMC and Oracle are well positioned to address.


Introducing the Next Generation VNX… And What It Means For Customers

Eric Herzog

SVP, Product Management and Product Marketing, Unified Storage Division at EMC

You’ve no doubt heard about the revolutionary new VNX Series announced today during an around-the-world, 24-hour live broadcast from Milan Italy… (here’s a link to view the broadcast).

Here’s what a partner had to say…

And here’s what customers are saying about real-world results…

So how do you build midrange storage that can deliver up-to thousands of virtual machines per array, supporting mixed application workloads while keeping costs down? On the server side, Intel is driving performance with multi-core technology. Our challenge was to design a storage solution that exploits multi-core technology to unlock the full power of flash while leveraging the cost benefits of near-line disk drive capacities.


VSPEX: More Power, More Protection, More Nimble

Chad Dunn

Senior Director, VSPEX Product Management at EMC

Things move fast in the land of VSPEX.  Not only because VSPEX is designed to speed deployment for customers, but because we’re able to build, test and validate new VSPEX systems quickly.  Speaking of which, you might have heard about the new multi-core optimized VNX arrays.  More power, better performance, less cost.  A compelling value proposition, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to deploy that new technology as part of a simple, efficient and flexible VSPEX solution? Yeah, we thought so too.

Fortunately, we got our hands on the new VNX technology and set to re-architecting, testing and validating new VSPEX solutions to harness the power of multi-core optimized VNX systems. The results? A complete refresh of the VSPEX family.



Gartner Recognizes EMC as #1 NAS and Unified Storage, Worldwide Market Leader in 2012

Eric Herzog

SVP, Product Management and Product Marketing, Unified Storage Division at EMC

In March 2013 Jeremy Burton wrote about Gartner’s release of an all-new “General Purpose Disk Array” Magic Quadrant. It took a new, consolidated view of vendors’ storage lines— evaluating mid-range storage, scale-out NAS, and enterprise storage offerings holistically.  For EMC, that means the VNX, Isilon, and VMAX solutions. EMC was positioned in the leaders quadrant.

EMC VNXRecently, Gartner released a follow-on Market Share Analysis report that focuses on the worldwide consolidated NAS/unified storage market in its “Market Share Analysis: Network-Attached Storage and Unified Storage, Worldwide, 2012”. Gartner, again, named EMC the leader in storage market share — achieving the #1 in unified (with VNX unified solutions) and #1 in NAS (with VNX and Isilon).


New Gartner Research Positions EMC in Leaders Quadrant for New General Purpose Disk Array Magic Quadrant

Jeremy Burton

EVP, Product Operations and Marketing at EMC

Over the years, Gartner Magic Quadrants have become iconic in the IT industry. A place where vendors are evaluated together with long-time competitors, as well as smaller up-and-coming startups.

In the storage market, the magic quadrants have traditionally had long-standing, very clearly defined swim lanes – high-end storage in one quadrant, mid-range storage in another, and so on.

For the longest time, this made perfect sense.  After all, why would you compare a heavyweight boxer to a middleweight?  They’re not going to end up in the ring together, so why bother?

But the storage landscape is changing and, to their credit, Gartner has responded with an all-new “General Purpose Disk Array” Magic Quadrant, which was released earlier today.  This new quadrant takes a consolidated view of vendors’ storage lines, evaluating mid-range storage, scale-out NAS, and enterprise storage offerings holistically.  For EMC, that means our VNX, Isilon, and VMAX lines.


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