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EMC Helps Bring Persistent Storage Access to Apache Mesos

Josh Bernstein

Vice President, Technology, Emerging Technologies Division at Dell EMC

MesosCon Europe kicks off October 8 and we’re proud to be part of the news and new technology announced at the show. In collaboration with Mesosphere, creators of the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), we’re announcing two new open source projects for external storage volume support within Apache Mesos architectures that will be available as common services in the Mesosphere DCOS. Mesos has been getting increased traction in the “DevOps” community as an open source data center management platform that, among other things, supports container technology such as Docker.

DevOps is a broad term used in the tech industry today. Chances are, if you’ve read about DevOps, or just followed tech news, you’ve encountered the concept of containers. Containers are a technology that encapsulates software with everything it needs to run (code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and more). Since all the essentials are “contained,” the software will run the same no matter what platform it is used on.  Containers tend to lean into a large focus area for customers of EMC’s Emerging Technologies Division, where infrastructure is frictionless, portable, and run as software.


Introducing the Next Generation VNX… And What It Means For Customers

Eric Herzog

SVP, Product Management and Product Marketing, Unified Storage Division at EMC

You’ve no doubt heard about the revolutionary new VNX Series announced today during an around-the-world, 24-hour live broadcast from Milan Italy… (here’s a link to view the broadcast).

Here’s what a partner had to say…

And here’s what customers are saying about real-world results…

So how do you build midrange storage that can deliver up-to thousands of virtual machines per array, supporting mixed application workloads while keeping costs down? On the server side, Intel is driving performance with multi-core technology. Our challenge was to design a storage solution that exploits multi-core technology to unlock the full power of flash while leveraging the cost benefits of near-line disk drive capacities.


EMC Delivers on ViPR Promise, and Outlines Strategic Vision with Preview of “Project Nile”

Amitabh Srivastava

President, Advanced Software Division at EMC

Today was a very big day for EMC. We not only launched all-new midrange VNX storage and software that we believe is far superior to anything else in the market, but we also announced that the EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage Platform is planned to be generally available later this month. There was also a surprise  “reveal” onstage for those that joined us in Milan where we provided a live technology preview of what EMC is calling “Project Nile”.

Project Nile will give IT departments or Service Providers the ability to deliver easily consumable storage services, similar to those offered by the Web scale Public Cloud providers, but with the control security and reliability of a Private Cloud.


EMC to Welcome ScaleIO to the EMC Flash Product Division

Zahid Hussain

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Flash Products Division at EMC

In March I outlined EMC’s vision for the next step in the evolution of Flash deployments. This evolution is a move to abstract the properties of different types of Flash with software that manages all flavors of Flash across the entire data center.

Today, we’re accelerating our ability to do just that by signing an agreement to acquire privately-held ScaleIO, a pioneer in scalable server-side storage software.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 11 30 05 AM

ScaleIO Elastic Converged Storage (ECS) software will become part of the EMC XtremSW Suite of Flash storage software. The addition of ScaleIO to our portfolio will enable EMC customers to build protected, shared storage pools from in-server direct-attached storage (DAS), such as XtremSF PCie Flash cards—while not limiting them to any storage media type or form factor. The beauty of ScaleIO is that it takes a software-only approach to managing SSDs, PCIe Flash cards, HDDs—or any combination of these—within the server. Over time we will build in additional enterprise features so that advanced data services can be delivered irrespective of the underlying hardware. This is the essence of delivering an XtremSW Suite that manages Flash across an entire data center.


Introducing EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage

Amitabh Srivastava

President, Advanced Software Division at EMC

As data centers grow to tens and hundreds of petabytes, the cost and complexity associated with managing them becomes untenable. IT leaders are asking themselves:

  • “What features can I sacrifice to make things easier to manage?”
  • “What can I live without to reduce costs?”
  • “What can I give up and still support mixed workloads?”

PrintToday we have the answer: EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage. Using EMC ViPR, service providers and IT departments will be able to drive towards the operational model of web-scale data centers without hiring thousands of technical experts to build a custom environment. And those questions that IT has been asking itself and forced to compromise on are no longer an issue.

With EMC ViPR , customers will no longer have to choose between best-of-breed storage capabilities and operational simplicity. ViPR Software-Defined Storage  brings to the table vastly simplified storage automation, management and delivery while maintaining and even extending the capabilities and inherent value of existing storage investments.


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