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The Wait is Over! Isilon OneFS 7.1 Now Generally Available

Building on the core strengths of OneFS 7.0 — simplicity, massive scalability, predictable performance and unmatched efficiency — I am excited to announce OneFS 7.1, previously known as project “Waikiki,” is generally available. As I previewed in May, OneFS 7.1 is designed for organizations not only trying to maintain a traditional robust data center, but those driving new business growth through the deployment of next-generation applications and workflows.


EMC Accelerates Away from the Competition with XtremSW Cache 2.0

Zahid Hussain

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Flash Products Division at EMC

This week from Milan Italy, EMC announced new storage, software and partner solutions that we believe will unleash the power of flash and revolutionize midrange storage.

Not coincidentally, the 2013 Formula One Gran Premio D’Italia is happening this weekend at the Autodromo di Monza near Milan.  So, in the spirit of the race, EMC’s Flash Products Division is excited to announce that we are “turbocharging” applications with the release of XtremSW Cache 2.0.

Hear Dave Nicholson and Sam Marracini talk about XtremSW Cache 2.0 and why customers are excited.


Faster is, Indeed, Better! Introducing the EMC Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator Node

EMC’s new Isilon A100 Performance Accelerator Node is all about speed…so let’s think about what speed really means. You’ve likely seen a recent TV commercial where a man asks a group of young kids whether it’s better to be faster or slower. One kid responds, quite precociously, “Faster!” — and the way that he’d make his Grandma faster would be to “tape a cheetah to her back.”  I’m not sure how Grandma (or the cheetah) would feel about that, but when it comes to storage performance with the dynamic nature of today’s enterprise workflows and applications, being faster is, increasingly, a critically important point of differentiation. That’s why EMC has developed this new EMC Isilon product.


New Gartner Research Positions EMC in Leaders Quadrant for New General Purpose Disk Array Magic Quadrant

Jeremy Burton

EVP, Product Operations and Marketing at EMC

Over the years, Gartner Magic Quadrants have become iconic in the IT industry. A place where vendors are evaluated together with long-time competitors, as well as smaller up-and-coming startups.

In the storage market, the magic quadrants have traditionally had long-standing, very clearly defined swim lanes – high-end storage in one quadrant, mid-range storage in another, and so on.

For the longest time, this made perfect sense.  After all, why would you compare a heavyweight boxer to a middleweight?  They’re not going to end up in the ring together, so why bother?

But the storage landscape is changing and, to their credit, Gartner has responded with an all-new “General Purpose Disk Array” Magic Quadrant, which was released earlier today.  This new quadrant takes a consolidated view of vendors’ storage lines, evaluating mid-range storage, scale-out NAS, and enterprise storage offerings holistically.  For EMC, that means our VNX, Isilon, and VMAX lines.


Flashback. Flash Now. Flash Next…Meet the New EMC Xtrem Flash Family

Dan Cobb

Vice President, Distinguished Engineer, NVM Strategy at EMC

As the CTO of EMC’s Flash Products Division, I’m proud to say that over the past five years EMC has set the pace in Flash innovation. Quick flashback…

  • EMC defined a new tier of storage in 2008 with the first enterprise “Flash-enabled” storage array (EMC VMAX).
  • EMC then revolutionized the way storage is automatically managed in 2010 with the introduction of FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering).
  • In 2012 we unleashed the power of Flash in the server with VFCache.

As you can see, EMC has a calculated and methodical cadence of Flash hardware and software breakthroughs that deliver capabilities to satisfy every customer use case.

And what’s next?

Today we are continuing to set the pace by rounding out our Flash hardware portfolio and further establishing EMC’s leadership in the market with the new Xtrem Family of Flash products, including the introduction of the new EMC XtremSF (here’s the press release). XtremSF is our new family of PCIe Flash cards deployed in the server to accelerate workload performance. This new line of cost-effective eMLC Flash cards, ranging in capacity from 550 GB to 2.2 TB, delivers unprecedented performance (with a screaming 1.13 million IOPS) and efficiency for applications that need the absolute best performance and lowest latency (think scale-out Web applications). XtremSF can be used as local storage or as the foundation for EMC’s server Flash caching software, XtremSW Cache (formerly VFCache).


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