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Transforming Formula 1—Why Lotus F1 Team Is Partnering With EMC

Patrick Louis

Chief Executive Officer at Lotus F1 Team

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I’ve been involved in Formula 1 Racing since 2010. There’s nothing more exhilarating that the start of a Grand Prix… the revving of engines, the strategy and science behind each race, the necessity for precision, the flawless choreography of today’s modern pit stop and, of course, the sleek elegance and aerodynamics of the cars’ bodywork. Formula 1 is about precision, speed, efficiency, and leaving absolutely no room for error.


In 2014, the sport is undergoing the most disruptive rule changes in its history. New mandates include smaller engines—a move from V-8 engines to “greener” 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engines. In other words, Lotus F1 Team needs to redesign everything to be smaller and more efficient—yet equally powerful.  These rules require we leverage every single bit of intelligence we have in order to identify and uncover new opportunities for design breakthroughs.


Drumroll Please…EMC Announces Winners Of The Journey To The Cloud Awards

Chad Sakac

SVP, Global Systems Engineering at EMC

FlagTransformation is the name of the game in today’s IT world. If you’re not transforming, well … let’s not go there.  It’s all about balance. Do more with less … jack up performance … simplify operations. It’s no small feat, but it can be done.

Today, EMC recognized five companies at the absolute top of their game. They’ve mastered the challenge. They’ve made IT transformation a top priority, and they’ve reaped great rewards in turn.  Winners were selected in five different categories and presented with their Journey To The Cloud Award in the EMC booth at VMworld in San Francisco.

And the winners are…


Lafarge Cuts Costs to Cement Strategy for Growth

EMC Pulse

When the global economy hit the skids a few years ago, many companies responded instinctually: aggressively and sometimes haphazardly slashing expenses. Looking back, however, drastic and across-the-board financial pruning may not have been the right move.  Organizations that invested through the downturn in order to create longer-term efficiencies and drive innovation have emerged fiscally stronger and in better position for continued growth.

Lafarge is a perfect example of such a company. With business units in 64 countries and €15.8 billion ($20.3B) in sales, the company is a worldwide leader in building materials — principally cement, aggregates and concrete.

lafarge site


Lotus F1 Team Partners With EMC to Make Racing History

Chris Bridgland

Senior Director, EMC Global Services UK & Ireland at EMC

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“The partnership between EMC and Lotus F1 Team provides us the IT technology we need to become world champion.”  Patrick Louis, CEO of Lotus F1 Team, on today’s announcement of a technology partnership including EMC, VCE and Lotus F1 Team.

Formula One racing remains on the rise as a true global sporting phenomenon. Its appeal draws millions across the world who marvel at its speed, precision, efficiency and razor-thin tolerance for error. These characteristics define the sport itself; they also define the technology that stands behind it. Enter EMC and VCE.

Formula One racing is in the midst of the most transformative and disruptive series of rules changes in the sport’s history. These changes introduce radical disruption and equally radical opportunity. The winning teams will be those that adapt by transforming themselves and emerging as the most adept at generating competitive advantage through technology.


Rocking Like Never Before – EMC World 2013

Jeremy Burton

EVP, Product Operations and Marketing at EMC

Where is the one place on the planet you can ride the data wave, lead the transformation of your business, enhance your career, rub elbows with the rockstars of IT, expand your IT knowledge, and network with 13,500 peers, technologists, vendors, bloggers, press and analysts? EMC World  (May 6 – 9) in Las Vegas, of course.

EMC World 2013

Attendees from around the globe will join us to embrace this year’s theme, “Lead Your Transformation.” You can bet EMC World 2013 will be like no other. We’ve planned more than 600 technical sessions, 30+ hands-on labs with 200 seats, keynotes on every nuance vital to IT – focusing on what our customers and partners care about, right now.  And if you’re interested in rocking out, check out the “out of this world” performer joining us at the Customer Appreciation Event on May 8.


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