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Introducing EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0: Re-Defining (Hybrid) Cloud Solutions To Deliver IT-as-a Service

Peter Cutts

Senior Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Platforms at Dell EMC

Only 43% of business leaders consider IT integral to the business. Why is this the case? Bottomline – reducing costs is just not enough. Business leaders not only want greater agility, but they also want to have greater control to use technology to solve their business challenges. They want to build new applications. They want to analyze data. They want a faster way to consume IT services.

EMC and VMware have made great strides in their  “Journey to the Cloud” IT transformation framework.  This framework has provided a blueprint for IT organizations that saw the benefits of commodity public clouds and wanted that value for business applications.

The first two phases of the framework (Consolidate, Virtualize Mission-Critical Applications) helped move IT organizations from 25% to 60%+ virtualized, significantly reducing costs for both infrastructure and application licensing. It laid the foundation for integrated IT organizations by enabling converged infrastructure and multiple points of automation.

Now more than ever, it’s time to deliver on the Journey to Hybrid Cloud. It’s time to bring the power of automated, on-demand, self-service capabilities within IT’s grasp and begin to accelerate the business.

EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0

EMC Cloud Solutions


EMC + Cisco Lock Arms to Deliver Next-Generation Data Center

Connie Hastings

Director, Technology Alliances at EMC

Today Cisco launched the next phase of the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), a vision that was announced at Cisco Live in June. EMC’s Jeremy Burton will take the stage with Cisco to demonstrate our mutual customer support and collaboration to bring the next-generation data center into reality and to lead the transformation of IT.

Cisco and EMC are planning various collaboration initiatives to offer customers a choice of virtual infrastructure architectures that can simplify, automate, and transform IT while helping accelerate the journey to cloud computing.  As part of this collaboration EMC and Cisco plan to:

  • Integrate Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure with the EMC ViPR Controller and EMC Storage Platforms.
  • Enable customers to define application service levels, automatically provision the right infrastructure and monitor system execution in a single pane of glass.


Lafarge Cuts Costs to Cement Strategy for Growth

EMC Pulse

When the global economy hit the skids a few years ago, many companies responded instinctually: aggressively and sometimes haphazardly slashing expenses. Looking back, however, drastic and across-the-board financial pruning may not have been the right move.  Organizations that invested through the downturn in order to create longer-term efficiencies and drive innovation have emerged fiscally stronger and in better position for continued growth.

Lafarge is a perfect example of such a company. With business units in 64 countries and €15.8 billion ($20.3B) in sales, the company is a worldwide leader in building materials — principally cement, aggregates and concrete.

lafarge site


Transformation Transcends IT: EMC Intros New Courses to Fill Business Leaders’ Skills Gap

Tom Clancy

Vice President, EMC Education Services at EMC

A skills gap exists among business leaders—specifically, in cloud and IT as a Service (ITaaS), and data science and Big Data analytics. Today, I’m happy to announce that EMC is helping to fill this skills gap through new courses that will give business leaders the knowledge and tools needed to successfully implement cloud or Big Data analytics strategies within their organizations:

Cloud and ITaaS for Business Transformation Courses

  • One-day course and 90+ minute Executive Module
  • Provides definitions, concepts, skills and strategies to leverage cloud and ITaaS for agility and efficiency within an organization
  • Addresses governance, finance, organization, and technology to be more competitive, innovative and efficient

Data Science and Big Data Analytics for Business Transformation Courses

  • One-day course and 90+ minute Executive Module
  • Provides the skills and knowledge to implement a Big Data strategy and lead an analytics team to success
  • Unlocks the power of Big Data to drive incremental business value


Self-Service Breakthrough with EMC VMAX Cloud Edition

Peter C. Conway

VP and COO, Product Operations & Marketing, Enterprise Storage Group at EMC

Today at VMware’s Partner Exchange, EMC launched VMAX Cloud Edition. I’ve been a part of some pretty big transformations leading product management and technical marketing teams at companies like EMC and Microsoft. I can testify that it’s truly a fundamental change to the whole idea of what “enterprise-class storage” is, and how “as-a-service” delivery works for cloud. For more detail and to participate in the conversation join our launch webcast today at 11 am ET.

This is a first for the industry. It’s a self-service, enterprise-class as-a-service, cloud delivery platform that provides easy access to consume storage for public, private and hybrid cloud.

The breakthrough is self-service access. It’s easy, flexible and fast—with enterprise storage attributes. It’s all made possible by the pre-engineered and pre-configured service levels that form a service catalog for tenants to choose from. Gone are engines, drives and nerd-knobs with VMAX Cloud Edition. It’s about right-sizing your storage for your application needs. Also, all of the service levels spring from the most powerful, Tier-1 storage in the industry: VMAX.


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