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EMC Turns Open Source Sensei, Stages First Cloud Foundry “Dojo”

Brian Gallagher

President, EMC Cloud Management Division at EMC

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Having reached the rank of second-degree black belt in Shukokai Karate, I’m acutely aware that martial arts excellence requires an all-in commitment by students to master strength, flexibility, discipline and harmony across both body and mind. Like any worthwhile training, students benefit greatly from a teacher, a sensei, to impart experience, skill and wisdom. The same holds true in software and application development.  Pupils learn from masters and advance to create new innovations through the art of code writing. It is through this timeless method that EMC is helping develop the next generation of coding black belts and sensei through the opening of the first Cloud Foundry “Dojo”. For the uninitiated, dojo means “the place of the way” and is a word commonly used to describe a martial arts training facility.

B.Gallager splits



Brian Gallagher takes Dojo training seriously, even in the data center! @BGallagher32 #CloudFoundry #epicsplits


Unpacking the Gems in VCE’s Vblock Launch

Aaron Chaisson

Senior Director, XBU, Product Marketing at EMC

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As one of the industry’s most successful joint ventures of all time, the speed and scale of VCE’s success in pioneering and validating the converged infrastructure market has been unprecedented and established CI as a mainstream market segment, with VCE as the clear leader.  With today’s announcement from VCE, EMC is proud to provide further integration with VCE solutions to accelerate customers’ journey to the cloud, and to continue delivering innovative world-class technology solutions with VCE that will help our customers transform the way they deliver IT services.

OK, I admit it. I’m a true techy to the core. So this all excites me, not only for the technology advancements, but for what they enable customers to achieve. There is so much in today’s announcement, including multiple innovations straight from EMC, I thought it might be helpful to unpack the key highlights:


EMC Positioned as a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement

Rohit Ghai

President, Enterprise Content Division at Dell EMC

As the cloud, social, mobile and Big Data mega trends continue unabated, organizations in all industries, and of all sizes are developing next-generation applications and better harnessing Big Data analytics to transform business. At the same time, these trends accelerate the need to retire legacy and redundant applications. This renders many traditional archiving approaches no longer viable, causing organizations to re-evaluate their storage and data management systems. Organizations need to be prepared to overcome the challenges presented by digital information especially as “dark data” continues to grow, applications expand, and regulations escalate.

Enter EMC. Only a short time ago we introduced EMC InfoArchive to the world and already the world is taking notice. Today, I’m pleased to share that EMC has been recognized as a visionary in the new Gartner Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement.

According to Gartner, by 2017, structure data archiving will represent one-fifth of the information governance efforts in enterprises and by 2016, 75 percent of structured data archiving applications will incorporate support for big data analytics. The report states that structured data archiving applications help IT leaders retire legacy applications, reduce costs, and meet governance and compliance requirements.

EMC’s InfoArchive strengths lie in strong retention/records management capabilities, and the ability to support unique content types, which is an important quality for application retirement use cases.

InfoArchive enables customers to efficiently manage inactive, yet valuable information – both structured data and unstructured content. It provides a single, easily accessible, unified repository to decommission legacy applications, thereby reducing maintenance costs and performance issues. InfoArchive is designed to keep information securely archived with appropriate levels of compliance applied to individual data sets – all while ensuring controlled access is extended to qualifying users within or outside the enterprise.

The good news is we’ve only just begun. We have big plans for InfoArchive, which include a longer-term vision to integrate with Pivotal and other ways to help customers leverage, repurpose and use Big Data to give them a competitive advantage and change the way they do business.  Read the Spark blog and learn more.

What are your thoughts?

Join the Community or check out the InfoArchive Consortium on LinkedIn, an EMC Partner alliance committed to sharing best practices and technical advice while promoting a unique archiving approach that leverages the InfoArchive platform.

Cisco + EMC + VCE: Together, Our Partners Are Better

We are witnessing a major industry shift to an integrated infrastructure model that drastically simplifies IT, lowers costs and enables customers to focus on delivering business outcomes. Just look at these stats on market growth:

Cisco, EMC and VCE are at the forefront of this market, offering three distinct paths to the cloud: build your own, VSPEX reference architectures, and Vblock Systems. This is an unrivalled menu of options – and now we are making it even easier and more profitable for our business partners to help drive their customers’ journeys to the cloud through our new Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Accelerator. This carefully designed package of joint field engagement and focused sales enablement, provides partners with more opportunities to see increased demand generation, rebates and sales tools.  This initiative is a strong indication of our joint commitment to the integrated infrastructure – and to our business partners.

The Accelerator helps our top cloud infrastructure partners differentiate themselves and increase their momentum in this crucial market. It’s built on four elements: joint field engagement, custom enablement, joint marketing and incentives.


Specialized Benefits and Accelerated Opportunity:

It starts with optimized business strategy through joint planning sessions with Cisco, EMC, and VCE. These sessions will lead to a joint business plan aimed at increasing sales of Vblock Systems and VSPEX in existing and new market spaces.

We’ve created an enriched partner enablement experience with new exclusive boot camps. These are designed to fully prepare partner’s entire sales teams – sales reps and SEs – to accelerate converged and integrated infrastructure solution selling to IT, application and line-of-business owners.

Partners will have access to exclusive deal registration support through a new joint Cisco-EMC VSPEX deal desk and the existing VCE sales desk to ask specific questions about the program, eligibility rules, and the opportunity registration process.

Finally, partners can increase margins through exclusive incremental and stackable rebates and incentives. And they can generate more demand with access to new campaigns and incremental marketing development funding.

Experts Required

The Accelerator is not available for every business partner. We’re opening the program only to those partners who’ve shown strong commitment to the cloud infrastructure market, and attained key credentials that demonstrate their technical expertise: either a VCE Gold or Silver partner, OR a VSPEX-enabled EMC Solution Provider Signature Partner with Cisco Data Center Architecture.

Taken together with joint Cisco, EMC, and VCE Cloud Infrastructure solutions (including a growing range of VSPEX solutions), the Accelerator makes it simpler for partners to align their sales motion to this growing market and help their clients increase agility and improve operational efficiency.

Learn more about the Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Accelerator at EMC Global Partner Summit on May 5-8.

VSPEX Turns Two, Gets Simplified Support

Chad Dunn

Senior Director, VSPEX Product Management at EMC

Two years ago we announced VSPEX. Wow, has this baby grown up fast! Today there are over 1,700 VSPEX authorized partners who have sold VSPEX cloud computing solutions in over 45 different countries. Not bad for a two-year-old.

But even this overachieving young one needs adult supervision. The new EMC VSPEX Support team is exactly that.  But before we dig into what’s new …

Customers love the simplicity and flexibility of VSPEX cloud services and solutions. That’s why they’ve  taken VSPEX from 0 to 45% market share and industry leadership (according to Gartner) in a relative blink. In fact, VSPEX has grown a tremendous 471% year over year in 2013!

Our partners also love VSPEX, and many have adopted VSPEX as their preferred converged infrastructure solution. In a recent survey conducted by the Temkin Group (for EMC) we asked mid-market and SMB reseller partners which converged solution they felt added the most value to their business. VSPEX won by a landslide over these competitive offerings below:

slide 1

One partner who has used VSPEX to add value is Synapse 360, a UK reseller who designed a VSPEX solution for accountancy solution provider Danbro. VSPEX helped the company meet their growth targets and backup windows – check out the full story below.

slide 2

Our philosophy is to give partners the ability to add value to their own business with VSPEX, and now we have created a new program offering to make VSPEX even more valuable to our partners and customers.

Even in a converged infrastructure environment, IT isn’t always easy. When something goes wrong, customers want to know who to call, and they want to be confident that the problem will be resolved as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

If they ever run into a problem with a VSPEX solution, they just call EMC. We take it from there. It’s that simple. No matter what the problem, our team of specially-trained VSPEX support experts work to diagnose the issue and find a resolution.

EMC offers our customers and channel partners this type of service thanks to our newly created VSPEX Support Team, as well as the cooperative support agreements we have with every vendor that is part of the VSPEX ecosystem.

The VSPEX Support Team is trained to quickly diagnose and resolve issues in multi-vendor solution environments. These experts take the first call for support, troubleshoot the issue, and orchestrate product experts as necessary to fix the problem.

If the issue stems from another vendor’s product, we leverage our cooperative support agreements to engage that vendor in the support call. EMC owns the call from start to finish – no hand-offs to other vendors, and no guesswork or finger pointing when it comes to diagnosing the issue. We make the entire support experience simple.

Join us at EMC World May 5-8th to celebrate VSPEX 2nd birthday and our new support offering.

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