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EMC Going “Big” at OpenStack Summit Vancouver

Dorian Naveh

Senior Director, Technology Alliances at Dell EMC

What a difference a year makes! EMC as a bystander in Atlanta to an Event Sponsor in Paris and today a Premier Sponsor in Vancouver. Crawling, walking, and now running!

This week, EMC is announcing the availability of two new OpenStack solutions as part of the Reference Architecture Program announced last November in Paris. The solutions were built in close collaboration with key partners Canonical and Mirantis in EMC labs then tested, optimized, and certified.


EMC Breaks $25K Price Barrier for Unified All-Flash Array

With the newest VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Array (AFA), EMC is offering an all-flash solution to meet the needs of SMBs and enterprises alike, at a very reasonable price point of around $25K. Now, customers can leverage industry-leading EMC flash technologies at our lowest price point yet.

EMC has offered the VNXe3200 in a hybrid flash configuration since 2014 and has earned recognition and praise from customers, partners and IT experts for its simplicity and efficiency as an entry-level storage solution. However, we’ve recognized that sustained and predictable performance can also be a requirement in this market segment for certain workloads, which is why we’ve put together aggressively priced all-flash configurations for the VNXe3200 to address this performance need. The VNXe3200 Unified AFA is available in a slim 2U form factor and it comes packed with the performance capability to deliver up to 75,000 IOPS.


VSPEX BLUE Ushers In Radically Simpler IT

Chad Dunn

Senior Director, VSPEX Product Management at EMC

Notice how the pace of business seems to accelerate every year putting IT departments at a disadvantage as they try to keep up with the demands for additional compute, storage, performance and feature functionality?   Yeah, we do too. The struggle to provide agility, on demand scale, low costs and reliability means IT pros have a lot of sleepless nights.

With the VSPEX BLUE hyper-converged infrastructure announced today, EMC is delivering Hyper Converged Simplicity. Now, IT departments can deploy complete infrastructure solutions when and how needed. The VSPEX BLUE appliance is powered by VMware EVO: RAIL and EMC software that delivers compute, storage, networking and management in a single 2U platform. This enables IT to react quickly, free from the burden of advanced IT consumption planning, and provide virtual assets when, how AND where the business demands.


Hybrid Cloud Made Easy

Josh Kahn

SVP, Global Solutions at EMC

Most IT organizations today are embracing capabilities in the public cloud, and building their own private cloud.  This combination of public and private capabilities IS a hybrid cloud and it’s where leading IT organizations are going so they can fully redefine themselves, delivering today’s applications at the lowest possible cost and enabling new applications and data-driven insights to differentiate their business.

Unfortunately, building a hybrid cloud has not been easy for many organizations.  Even building an on-premises private cloud with virtualized infrastructure, automation and self-service can become a project that fails to deliver on the vision, despite investing millions of dollars and thousands of personnel hours.  If you were around for an ERP implementation in the late 90’s this probably sounds familiar.


Simplicity and Choice? EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions Deliver Both

Peter Cutts

Senior Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Platforms at Dell EMC

Today, we’re redefining hybrid cloud. Why? Because the speed at which organizations do business is accelerating – the IT megatrends of cloud, mobile, social and big data represent a massive opportunity for companies to deliver better products, better services, and better outcomes for their customers – but to be successful every fast-moving business needs an even faster-moving IT organization. Why? Because IT is vital for almost every project’s success within an organization. IT has been helping organizations drive growth, derive more value, provide agility and reduce cost. Yet while most organizations are good at executing well-structured long-term projects where resource requirements are known, they’re usually challenged when it comes to fast-paced short-term projects with unpredictable requirements.


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