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More Than Meets the Eye – Introducing ScaleIO 2.0

Boaz Palgi

Vice President and General Manager, ScaleIO at EMC

Today, we are excited to announce that ScaleIO 2.0 is generally available to our customers. This release marks a significant milestone for ScaleIO software running on commodity hardware. According to IDC, customer adoption of Software-Defined Storage is growing rapidly (75% Y/Y) and for use cases and workloads that ScaleIO is suited for.

There’s a lot of new stuff under the hood of EMC ScaleIO 2.0! This release provides innovative features and enhanced functionality for organizations looking to achieve public cloud agility with private cloud resiliency. We’re bringing together the best of both worlds with new capabilities in three key areas: (more…)

Teeing Up with EMC: Callaway’s IT Transformation

EMC Pulse

Golf is one of the world’s grand old games. Ironically, the most advanced technologies ensure it stays that way.

Callaway Golf Company is a prime example. The world’s largest golf club manufacturer with a presence in 110 countries, Callaway competes in an intense market and faces added pressure from a softening global economy. IT transformation is front and center in Callaway’s strategy to stay in front of the pack, with the ultimate objective of ensuring that IT transforms itself from a point of resistance to a point of reliance.

Callway 3


They’ve Arrived! New EMC Isilon Products To Expand The Data Lake

Phil Bullinger

SVP Isilon Product Line, Emerging Technology Division at Dell EMC

We promised them in early 2016, and they’re already here: IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0 and Isilon CloudPools are available today. Together, these products can transform the way organizations store and use data — whether at the edge, the core or the cloud – by harnessing the power of the data lake.


The Big Reveal: Reinforcing the Scale-Out Data Lake

IT today is running faster than ever before, tasked with an incredibly difficult mission—maximize efficiency by redefining how technology supports the business. The world is moving to a hybrid (private and public) cloud environment, necessitating a whole new approach to IT. So how do we make that happen?

EMC is supporting this mission with new hardware and software updates to the Isilon family of products, catering to today’s Hadoop-heavy environments and leveraging flash for maximum acceleration.

EMC’s core mission for Isilon is to enable our customers to easily store and manage information at scale. We do that by constantly redefining Scale-out NAS and expanding its capabilities and potential. A couple of months back at EMC World, we shared our Isilon Scale-out Data Lake story and how  it helps customers to store, manage and protect all their unstructured data.


Redefining Work: Bringing a 360 View of the Patient in the Clinician’s Hands

Rohit Ghai

President, Enterprise Content Division at Dell EMC

Would you rather have your doctor focus on treating you or trying to find your information in complex IT systems? The former, right? So would we.

Today, EMC unveils EMC Documentum Clinical Viewer which addresses this exact issue. This is a solution for organizing and accessing patient records from a mobile device in a more visual and tactile manner—empowering clinicians with a complete view of patient history, diagnosis and treatment at their fingertips. Developed in partnership with U.K. based Fortrus Ltd., the Documentum Clinical Viewer completely revolutionizes patient care by allowing clinicians to rapidly find and access patient information quicker and easier than ever before—opening the door for enhanced collaboration, care coordination and patient engagement.


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