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Vice President, Technology, Emerging Technologies Division at Dell EMC

Introducing the {code} Catalyst Community Program: Latest from {code} by Dell EMC

Today, {code} by Dell EMC, the open source arm of the organization, kicks off a new program designed to foster collaboration and contributions to the open source community. The new program is called {code} Catalyst and promotes open source movers and shakers, opens dialogue across company borders and creates an ecosystem of open source advocates who lead and advance emerging technology to support software-based infrastructures. {code} Catalyst members are also focused on raising awareness for open source projects within both startups and enterprise IT organizations.

“The number one thing for me when looking at a community to engage with is a passion for sharing and intellectual curiosity.” –Mike Coleman, Technology Evangelist, Docker Inc., {code} Catalyst


Why All Containers Won’t Be Successful

Containers have been a hot topic in 2016—and while they’re garnering interest and momentum, we’re very early on in terms of market maturity.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited! Over the past year, containers as a technology have gained a lot of traction, with the three main players—Docker, Mesosphere and Kubernetes—finding themselves on equal footing as far as adoption and offerings. This is very different from the last couple of years, when these platforms were on uneven footing as far as equivalent offerings, and it’s a great evolution because it means freedom of choice, flexibility and the opportunity to experiment for enterprise users.


EMC Helps Bring Persistent Storage Access to Apache Mesos

MesosCon Europe kicks off October 8 and we’re proud to be part of the news and new technology announced at the show. In collaboration with Mesosphere, creators of the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS), we’re announcing two new open source projects for external storage volume support within Apache Mesos architectures that will be available as common services in the Mesosphere DCOS. Mesos has been getting increased traction in the “DevOps” community as an open source data center management platform that, among other things, supports container technology such as Docker.

DevOps is a broad term used in the tech industry today. Chances are, if you’ve read about DevOps, or just followed tech news, you’ve encountered the concept of containers. Containers are a technology that encapsulates software with everything it needs to run (code, runtime, system tools, system libraries and more). Since all the essentials are “contained,” the software will run the same no matter what platform it is used on.  Containers tend to lean into a large focus area for customers of EMC’s Emerging Technologies Division, where infrastructure is frictionless, portable, and run as software.


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