Ashish Yanik

Senior Director of Product Management, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC

When discussing the data protection continuum with customers, it’s clear that applications continue to push the limitations of data protection solutions today and customers are left to struggle with the gap between traditional backup and snapshot technologies to address their requirements.

To help customers bridge this gap, today we are announcing EMC ProtectPoint – a data protection offering that provides the best of both worlds – the performance of snapshots with the functionality of backups. ProtectPoint delivers up to 10x faster backup with direct backup from primary storage to protection storage, which takes application servers out of the backup path and eliminates the need for traditional backup infrastructure. Initially, ProtectPoint exclusively supports the all-new VMAX3 systems that EMC also announced today.

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ProtectPoint provides EMC backup functionality like cost effective retention as well as simple, reliable recovery.  But unlike traditional backup, ProtectPoint also delivers the tight RPOs and minimal RTOs of snapshots without the limitations in retention and application integration or the risk of corruption proliferation.

By eliminating the backup impact on the application server(s), ProtectPoint provides non-intrusive data protection.  This ensures users maintain consistent application performance, but still gain application consistent full backups for simple recovery.

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With ProtectPoint, customers will finally be able to meet stringent protection SLAs without sacrificing anything.  Since only changed blocks are sent directly across the network from primary storage to the Data Domain system and all backups are stored in native formats – users gain much faster backup, faster recovery and instant access to protected data for simplified granular recovery.

ProtectPoint also enables application owners and database administrators to have complete control of their own backup, recovery and replication directly from their native application utilities.

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Click on the image above to watch Caitlin Gordon, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, review EMC ProtectPoint – protection software that enables direct backup from primary storage to industry leading protection storage.

Best of all, ProtectPoint is simple and efficient and can greatly streamline the data protection infrastructure, reducing overall cost and complexity.

When it comes to application data protection, what was impossible is now possible with EMC ProtectPoint.  Customers can now eliminate traditional backup infrastructure and gain the best of both worlds of data protection. That means the benefits of backup from EMC including:

  • Cost effective retention with Data Domain deduplication
  • Reliable recovery with the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture
  • Application owner control of backup, recovery and replication

As well as the performance benefits of snapshots:

  • No impact on the application environment
  • RPO of minutes
  • Faster recovery

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EMC ProtectPoint will initially support the new VMAX3 systems (100K, 200K and 400K) and certain Data Domain systems (DD4500, DD7200, DD990) running DD OS 5.5.  To learn more, please visit the EMC ProtectPoint page on

Ashish Yanik

Senior Director of Product Management, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC
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