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Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn

Senior Director, VSPEX Product Management at EMC
Chad Dunn

What do you get when you offer customers a private cloud solution that is simple and fast to deploy while offering real choice?

In its latest market share analysis report for integrated systems, Gartner ranks VSPEX #1 in the integrated reference architecture category for Data Center Hardware Integrated Systems Revenue†.

Not too shabby for a solution introduced less than 2 years ago – a solution with a growth rate of 471%, from 2Q12 through 2Q13.


So how has  VSPEX  become so popular, so fast?

First, by offering a solution that delivers choice coupled with simplicity. As we believed when we launched VSPEX, many customers want both. But before VSPEX, options for deploying such solutions were limited. Customers either had to adopt a highly prescriptive solution, which eliminates choice, or choose to build a solution on their own, which is usually very complex and time consuming. VSPEX resolves this by enabling customers to choose the brands of server, networking and hypervisor they want, all while knowing the solution has been built, tested and proven by EMC – so they know the solution will work.

We believe the second key to VSPEX’s popularity? EMC’s channel partners. 1,700 of them. They are the ones that take VSPEX to customers – and they’re the ones that leverage their unique knowledge of the customer segments and industries they serve to further enrich the VSPEX solution and, most importantly, deliver it quickly.

This all adds up to a finely tuned, yet highly flexible solution that we feel meets the needs of thousands of different customers. From a fresh fruit distributor to a hospital system ER, from a coffee bean roaster to a space satellite company, VSPEX has enabled rapid data center transformation for organizations of all types on their terms.

Do we feel VSPEX’s success will continue? Yes. Why am I so confident? Because we’re doubling down on the key factors  of VSPEX success – we plan to continue to expand the choice available in VSPEX in terms of technology, use case, and size  all while maintaining VSPEX’s simplicity. And we continue to empower our channel partners with new resources to speed their delivery of VSPEX to customers.

So you’ve heard from me – What would you like to see from VSPEX next?

† Gartner Data Center Hardware Systems Revenue Report 2Q13, Published December 12 ,2013, authored by Adrian O’Connell

Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn

Senior Director, VSPEX Product Management at EMC
Chad Dunn
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