Russ Stockdale

General Manager, Mozy by EMC

The modern workplace requires technology that not only evolves, but stays one step ahead. In response, Mozy has launched the Next Generation of its cloud-based data protection service for administrators, end-users and partners.  Made generally available today, Next-Generation Mozy Cloud Backup now includes:

  • New “people-centric” cloud administrative tools for enterprise IT
  • New APIs for Mozy partners
  • New end-user productivity enhancements including an integrated sync folder MozyEnterprise now available within the EMC Data Protection Suite

Since Mozy became a core product within EMC’s backup and recovery portfolio at the beginning of this year, we’ve been steadily improving our enterprise capabilities.  This summer, we announced the “Foundation Release,” a fundamental update in the technology that underpins the Mozy service. As a result, Mozy is now designed from the ground up to provide enterprise manageability for our corporate customers and their users’ ever-changing array of devices.

The new release builds on that foundation to deliver the next generation of people-centric features, including:

  • Greater cloud administrative tools for Enterprise IT

Enhanced storage management saves time and money involved in provisioning and managing backup across thousands of users and devices.

  • Enhanced End User Experience

An integrated Mozy Sync folder keeps files updated and available across multiple computers and mobile devices. Mozy also introduces new functionality, which ensures faster initial backup times and greater bandwidth efficiency when backing up large files.

  • New Partner Resources

New API support enables partners and resellers to manage Mozy with their preferred Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems.

In addition, MozyEnterprise now becomes the public cloud component within the EMC Data Protection Suite, which allows customers and partners to mix and match the usage of individual products to best fit their requirements, while lowering their total cost of ownership and providing investment protection. This means EMC customers and partners can extend their individual Protection Storage Architectures to include cloud data protection for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and remote offices.

The “Why” Behind The Enhancements?

When Mozy first started offering online backup for business back in 2006, most employees were working from a single device – usually a beige box that sat under the desk and got turned off when we left the office. Today things couldn’t be more different. In our always-on world, we shift from device to device—some purchased and managed by us, some owned by our employer and managed by the IT department. Without question this has made us more productive, but this also introduces challenges.

Click the info graphic below to see the rest of Mozy’s journey: Then and Now

Mozy infographic_Then and Now_Cropped

As individuals, teams and departments try to manage and protect the data moving between all these devices, many take matters into their own hands, adopting disparate tools, often choosing consumer-grade solutions based solely on price vs. the more important considerations of security and privacy. Beyond the reach of the IT department, unmonitored and lacking any form of corporate control, these patchworks of tools can come unstitched, leaving weak points in a company’s data security strategy—which are counter-productive at best, and risky at worst.

With today’s updates, we can now provide the outstanding cloud security and controls that businesses have come to expect from Mozy.  And that’s enough to make any CIO sleep easier.

Russ Stockdale

General Manager, Mozy by EMC
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  1. Kak Varley says:

    This is just the beginning. Mozy will be the norm as it converges.

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