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Connie Hastings

Connie Hastings

Director, Technology Alliances at EMC

Today Cisco launched the next phase of the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), a vision that was announced at Cisco Live in June. EMC’s Jeremy Burton will take the stage with Cisco to demonstrate our mutual customer support and collaboration to bring the next-generation data center into reality and to lead the transformation of IT.

Cisco and EMC are planning various collaboration initiatives to offer customers a choice of virtual infrastructure architectures that can simplify, automate, and transform IT while helping accelerate the journey to cloud computing.  As part of this collaboration EMC and Cisco plan to:

  • Integrate Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure with the EMC ViPR Controller and EMC Storage Platforms.
  • Enable customers to define application service levels, automatically provision the right infrastructure and monitor system execution in a single pane of glass.

With these new capabilities, customers will benefit from improved datacenter automation and, therefore, lower costs and better reliability.

By integrating Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure with EMC’s best-of-breed storage infrastructure, our mutual customers and service provider partners will have the ability to better monitor and proactively manage their IT infrastructure. This helps customers knock down barriers and build a path from a world of virtualized data centers to highly automated ITaaS cloud environments.

Ultimately, what everybody cares about is how EMC and Cisco’s mutual customers will benefit from this collaboration. Customers will experience an increase in application velocity, meaning they will be able to deliver any application, anywhere, and with the increase in velocity, automation in the datacenter will improve.  Along with improved automation, customers will also be able to automatically match the right EMC storage product & features for the application use-case.

Understanding and having visibility into application health is critical, and with Cisco ACI and EMC storage platforms, customers will have centralized visibility with real-time application health monitoring across physical and virtual environments. With an increasing importance placed on simplifying IT operations, Cisco ACI and EMC storage platforms provide customers with a simplified orchestration and management toolset.

EMC is working with Cisco to provide customers more value for their IT infrastructure. With Cisco ACI and EMC storage platforms, customers will be working with trusted partners on their transformational path to a cloud datacenter.

We applaud Cisco as they launch ACI and the Nexus 9000 switch family and look forward to continued collaboration.

As you plan your application centric infrastructure, what are some of the benefits you are most looking forward to?

Read Cisco’s launch announcement.  

Connie Hastings

Connie Hastings

Director, Technology Alliances at EMC
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