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A mere five months ago, Lotus F1 Team and EMC embarked upon a partnership to create the IT backbone necessary to underpin the Team’s aspiration to challenge for the World Championship in 2015. Together we are completely overhauling our IT infrastructure. I am thrilled to report that the infrastructure was fully designed, tested and deployed in record time.

Working in pit-crew-like fashion with our friends at EMC, VMware and VCE we ensured that the solution being deployed not only meets our future needs, but is fully integrated with our legacy environment.

Within four days of delivery, the Vblock Systems had been de-racked and re-racked into our datacenters, was powered up, running extensive system tests and within 10 days was production-ready. We natively integrated the virtualization layer into the compute hardware and are moving to 100% virtualized VCE Vblock Systemss. We are utilizing multiple tiers of storage from the EMC VNX product family and completely transforming how we go about delivering services to our users. VPLEX enables virtual machines (VMs) and data volumes mobility between the Vblock Systems in our two datacenter locations, giving us that always on, continuous availability over distance.  We’re complementing that with the EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance for seamless, policy-based transfer between the production file systems and the EMC Atmos cloud storage platform, again shared between our two datacenter locations Syncplicity provides a new heightened level of secure file sync, sharing and collaboration. EMC Data Domain ensures 90 days of readily available backup and the ability to restore our complete environment. This is a true game changer.

Bottom line … our expectations have been exceeded beyond compare.

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor

Deputy IT/IS Director at Lotus F1 Team
Michael Taylor

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