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Mark O'Connell

Mark O'Connell

Atmos Chief Technology Officer at EMC

Object storage is the standard for managing today’s explosive growth in unstructured content.  EMC knows this best – pioneering object storage over a decade ago with the release of EMC Centera, the enduring leader in compliance archiving. In 2008, EMC broadened its portfolio in object storage with the introduction of EMC Atmos — an industry leader for cloud storage and next-generation Web, mobile and REST-based applications. However, object storage is more than just scalable storage. What truly differentiates object storage is that its core strengths of simplicity, scalability and efficiency can be optimized for specific use cases – and that’s exactly what today’s Atmos announcement brings to the table.

The new Atmos 2.1.4 announced today further extends revolutionary features like GeoParity, Age-based Policy Management, S3 API support and a host of cloud delivered services with new capabilities that include:

  • SEC Compliance: For those customers with corporate-enforced compliance environments, this new Atmos multi-tenant compliance feature set supports strict SEC17a-4f requirements.
  • New Flexible Hardware Configurations: Atmos G3 hardware is now available in FLEX-A rack comprised of a single 40U rack with 4, 6, or 8 nodes configuration options, and a 1:30 server-to-drive ratio.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Non-disruptive user credential updates mean applications can authenticate via both the original and new shared secret at the same time as application access credentials are updated.  The original shared secret is then revoked once all application updates are complete. Other security enhancements include updates to Linux binaries, LDAP and the web services UI.
  • New Administrative Features: Numerous enhancements to the web services UI improve user experience. Admins benefit from fully automated sub-tenant cleanup and deletion capabilities, all accessible via the existing UI and REST API. 

Most recently, we again raised the object storage bar with the introduction of EMC ViPR Object Data Services, available on September 27th , which extends object capabilities to heterogeneous file-based storage.  EMC knows that object storage is not one-size-fits-all, and is investing in purpose-built hardware/software platforms and software-defined solutions that will give customers the freedom to choose the object storage platform that meets their unique requirements.

Navigating the Future of Object with EMC

As the storage industry continues to evolve, so does its increased focus on object storage.  Customers are now demanding scalable object storage platforms that can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms.


With ViPR, EMC is well positioned to meet these new demands.  ViPR enables organizations to simplify storage management and delivery and apply scalable object capabilities across their entire storage environment.  Moving into the future, ViPR will enhance today’s storage platforms by offering a host of new Global Data Services such as analytics and indexing, and extend them to enhance current platforms while supporting existing APIs and providing seamless application and data mobility.

Wherever you are along your object storage journey, you can feel confident that EMC has the experience, proven track record, and right tools to help you navigate the best course for your business today and into the future.

Mark O'Connell

Mark O'Connell

Atmos Chief Technology Officer at EMC
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