Patrick Louis

Chief Executive Officer at Lotus F1 Team

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I’ve been involved in Formula 1 Racing since 2010. There’s nothing more exhilarating that the start of a Grand Prix… the revving of engines, the strategy and science behind each race, the necessity for precision, the flawless choreography of today’s modern pit stop and, of course, the sleek elegance and aerodynamics of the cars’ bodywork. Formula 1 is about precision, speed, efficiency, and leaving absolutely no room for error.


In 2014, the sport is undergoing the most disruptive rule changes in its history. New mandates include smaller engines—a move from V-8 engines to “greener” 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engines. In other words, Lotus F1 Team needs to redesign everything to be smaller and more efficient—yet equally powerful.  These rules require we leverage every single bit of intelligence we have in order to identify and uncover new opportunities for design breakthroughs.

If you’re familiar with Formula 1, you know that absolutely nothing is standard on our single seaters. Every single component is individually designed for its function and this relentless development is only made possible by data, which we’re never lacking. On average we generate ~1.5 billion samples of data from each race. It is for this reason that Lotus F1 Team chose to partner with EMC—they have the IT technology we need to become World Champions in 2015.

Solving this challenge takes two things… the right people and the right IT technology. We require a partner that understands our challenges—and the opportunities still untapped within our very own data centers. Our ability to deliver IT services to Lotus F1 Team at our headquarters in Enstone and trackside locations throughout the world are critical to achieving racing success. EMC not only has a vision for unleashing the power of data, but it also has the IT technologies and services.

Data is driving the design and transformation of Formula 1 Racing. We’re crunching numbers, simulating races and designing the next winning car all from a computer screen—rarely stepping foot on a track. By partnering with EMC, we’re leveraging the world’s best IT technology from a leader in enabling companies like ours to extract every single ounce of value from the information we generate.

Lotus VNX5400 beauty6 300dpi document-sizeI am honored to be in Milan participating in EMC’s launch of new technologies. To celebrate the partnership, Lotus F1 Team and EMC are announcing a new Limited Edition version of the VNX 5400 in Lotus F1 Team colours.

Our goal is clear—to hold the Formula 1 World Championship title in 2015. To do so, we need to be more clever and smarter than the competition. IT technology will be our competitive advantage. EMC is the obvious partner for us as we race toward victory.

Patrick Louis

Chief Executive Officer at Lotus F1 Team

Latest posts by Patrick Louis (see all)

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  1. Vijay Krishna says:

    HI Patrick

    I really like the way, you penned the reason for partnership with EMC. It shows how two organisation can mutually benefit each other by providing opportunities and solutions. I truly hope the partnership gives you both startegic and competitive edge. Look forward to see real good results from Lotus F1 Team

    Best regards,

    Vijay Krishna

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