The Flash Products Division—and the XtremIO team—are all back in the office after coming off of a very busy and exciting week in Santa Clara at last week’s Flash Memory Summit. I’m proud to announce that XtremIO received two awards during the event.

The first award, announced on Tuesday, was presented by IT Brand Pulse and named XtremIO the 2013 SSD Brand Leader for all-flash, SAN SSD storage arrays.  XtremIO nearly swept the categories, winning for market leader, performance leader, reliability leader, service and support leader, and innovation leader.  This award was based on a survey of IT professionals, which can be purchased here.

4E11547C-E864-4789-9388-9C024DD4B7AFThe second award was the Best of Show at the Flash Memory Summit in the Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation category.  The criteria for this award (as  provided on  the Flash Memory Summit website) are:

“The Flash Memory Customer Implementation category awards innovation in the implementation of flash memory in a real customer application. This innovative application can be represented by a case study that highlights how a specific customer has solved an important problem by use of a specific product or service. Examples of such flash memory customer implementations could include ROI, Quality of Service, Business Continuity, Security, Data Protection, Virtualization, Cloud, Software Defined Storage, Simplicity of Operations, People Productivity and other benefits that made a difference for the customer. An end user customer case study is required to apply for this award.”

Here’s a glamour shot of the team receiving the Best of Show award…

8FC2F888-15BC-4D75-A0A6-4F62F374D4F9What I like about this Best of Show award is that last sentence – “you have to submit an end-user customer case study”.  The XtremIO team submitted three – one for an Oracle database application, one for a server virtualization environment, and one for VDI – from three different customers.   These customers have transformed their IT environments with XtremIO and now witness every day how XtremIO Redefines the Possible in their application environments.  When I spoke to the folks from the Flash Memory Summit, they said it wasn’t even close – XtremIO delivers real benefits, in cost, speed, agility, and capabilities – that simply aren’t matched by the other all-flash arrays in the market today.  And we can prove it!

In the weeks leading up to the Flash Memory Summit, I’ve been on the road meeting with EMC district sales leadership about XtremIO. The enthusiasm has been tremendous and the feedback from the field and customers has been amazing.  With EMC behind XtremIO the landscape of the all-flash array marketplace is going to change—quickly, substantially, and permanently.

Congratulations to the XtremIO R&D team for conceiving and creating such a revolutionary product!

Stay tuned for more from our award-winning team in the coming months…

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