Rob Emsley

Senior Director of Product Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division at EMC

With all the progress that’s been made in data protection, it was inevitable that new challenges for customers would arise.  IT is moving faster than ever, and data protection needs to evolve in lock-step to help bolster the never ending march of IT innovation.  That’s what today’s news is all about—new products that help customers address these challenges and create a blueprint for their future data protection infrastructure.

Today, EMC announced data protection solutions that help organizations eliminate accidental architectures and deploy Protection Storage Architectures that scale WITHOUT unnecessary cost and complexity.


So what’s New Today?

New Data Domain Systems and Expanded Application Integration

The new Data Domain systems — DD2500, DD4200, DD4500 and DD7200 — provide dramatic enhancements over the previous generation:

  • Up to 4x faster with performance
  • Up to 10x more scalability
  • Up to 3x more streams supported
  • Up to 38% lower $/GB


Our new systems are 27x more scalable, leaving the competition to pitch silos of protection storage that cause accidental architectures resulting in more cost and complexity.


New hardware platforms are only as powerful as the applications that integrate with them–and we’ve got exciting enhancements for database and Big Data backup, as well as archiving:

  • Direct Backup of SAP HANA Environments – DBAs can now backup directly to Data Domain via NFS through SAP HANA Studio
  • Data Domain Boost for Oracle RMAN Enhancements
    • Support for Oracle Exadata – Enables faster, more efficient Exadata backup while providing DBAs complete control of backup and disaster recovery
    • Support for SAP on Oracle Databases – Enables SAP DBAs to control backup and DR via BR*Tools to Oracle RMAN
  • Expanded Archive EcosystemData Domain now supports >20 applications including new support for Open Text


Enhanced EMC Data Protection Suite

Avamar and NetWorker, key pillars of the EMC Data Protection Suite, have also been updated today.


First, we’ve integrated EMC backup software more closely with EMC primary storage.  Snapshot configuration and management can be built into the broader data protection strategy for VMAX, VNX and RecoverPoint, while new a NDMP Accelerator for Isilon means that scale-out NAS environments can be better protected, within shorter backup windows.

Similarly, deeper integration with Data Domain means that the end-to-end EMC backup solution now supports all data center workloads and provides industry leading scale, performance, and efficiencies.

The latest EMC backup software releases also build on our industry-leading VMware backup capabilities. With new “VM Instant Access,” a VM can be booted from a Data Domain system and be online in less than 2 minutes. Combined with our unique support for changed block tracking for recovery, EMC now offers customers the ultimate set of VM recovery alternatives.  Additionally, EMC backups can now be managed natively via VMware’s vSphere Web Client.

Finally, new catalog synchronization between enterprise applications and EMC backup software allows both the data owners and backup admins to have greater visibility to, and control of, the data protection process.

With EMC, the future of backup is now! View the event webcast to learn more.

Rob Emsley

Senior Director of Product Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division at EMC

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