VSPEX Turns Two, Gets Simplified Support

Chad Dunn

Chad Dunn

Director, VSPEX Business Operations at EMC

Two years ago we announced VSPEX. Wow, has this baby grown up fast! Today there are over 1,700 VSPEX authorized partners who have sold VSPEX cloud computing solutions in over 45 different countries. Not bad for a two-year-old.

But even this overachieving young one needs adult supervision. The new EMC VSPEX Support team is exactly that.  But before we dig into what’s new …

Customers love the simplicity and flexibility of VSPEX cloud services and solutions. That’s why they’ve  taken VSPEX from 0 to 45% market share and industry leadership (according to Gartner) in a relative blink. In fact, VSPEX has grown a tremendous 471% year over year in 2013!

Our partners also love VSPEX, and many have adopted VSPEX as their preferred converged infrastsructure solution. In a recent survey conducted by the Temkin Group (for EMC) we asked mid-market and SMB reseller partners which converged solution they felt added the most value to their business. VSPEX won by a landslide over these competitive offerings below:

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One partner who has used VSPEX to add value is Synapse 360, a UK reseller who designed a VSPEX solution for accountancy solution provider Danbro. VSPEX helped the company meet their growth targets and backup windows – check out the full story below.

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Our philosophy is to give partners the ability to add value to their own business with VSPEX, and now we have created a new program offering to make VSPEX even more valuable to our partners and customers.

Even in a converged infrastructure environment, IT isn’t always easy. When something goes wrong, customers want to know who to call, and they want to be confident that the problem will be resolved as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

If they ever run into a problem with a VSPEX solution, they just call EMC. We take it from there. It’s that simple. No matter what the problem, our team of specially-trained VSPEX support experts work to diagnose the issue and find a resolution.

EMC offers our customers and channel partners this type of service thanks to our newly created VSPEX Support Team, as well as the cooperative support agreements we have with every vendor that is part of the VSPEX ecosystem.

The VSPEX Support Team is trained to quickly diagnose and resolve issues in multi-vendor solution environments. These experts take the first call for support, troubleshoot the issue, and orchestrate product experts as necessary to fix the problem.

If the issue stems from another vendor’s product, we leverage our cooperative support agreements to engage that vendor in the support call. EMC owns the call from start to finish – no hand-offs to other vendors, and no guesswork or finger pointing when it comes to diagnosing the issue. We make the entire support experience simple.

Join us at EMC World May 5-8th to celebrate VSPEX 2nd birthday and our new support offering.

Software-Defined Data Centers Demand a New Data Protection Approach

Deepak Mohan

Deepak Mohan

Sr. Vice President of Product Development, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC

EMC’s position as the world’s largest data protection company is anything but happenstance.  It is grounded in a thirst and ability to constantly disrupt and redefine ourselves in the pursuit of optimizing customer value.  EMC has run this play over and over. It’s a process of reinvention that’s based on a clear vision of what customers need to succeed.

Today is no exception. EMC is announcing a broad set of new solution releases that build on the groundwork laid by the Protection Storage Architecture, and redefine what data protection needs to be in an increasingly software-defined IT world.

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Moving IT Infrastructure to the Cloud: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Blake Smith

Blake Smith

Director of Enterprise Operations at CHRISTUS Health

CHRISTUS Health is an international Catholic not-for-profit health system. We provide hundreds of services in over 230 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, outpatient centers and health ministries and ventures located primarily in the U.S. We’ve got 30,000 associates and around 10,000 doctors. CHRISTUS Health is listed among the top ten Catholic health systems in the U.S. We support 8,000 concurrent users every day across our servers, accessing our Tier 1 Electronic Medical Record app, Oracle, SQL Server and other apps—no small operation.

Our infrastructure goal is 100% virtualization, operating completely within a private cloud. Four years ago we were about 30% virtual; today we’re 83% there. We’ll seamlessly deploy and manage new solutions, and continually move the load to where users will experience best performance. An enormous amount of infrastructure transformation has been involved from the start and EMC has been a part of it almost from day one.

christus health

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Introducing EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0: Re-Defining (Hybrid) Cloud Solutions To Deliver IT-as-a Service

Peter Cutts

Peter Cutts

General Manager Cloud Solutions Business Unit at EMC

Only 43% of business leaders consider IT integral to the business. Why is this the case? Bottomline – reducing costs is just not enough. Business leaders not only want greater agility, but they also want to have greater control to use technology to solve their business challenges. They want to build new applications. They want to analyze data. They want a faster way to consume IT services.

EMC and VMware have made great strides in their  “Journey to the Cloud” IT transformation framework.  This framework has provided a blueprint for IT organizations that saw the benefits of commodity public clouds and wanted that value for business applications.

The first two phases of the framework (Consolidate, Virtualize Mission-Critical Applications) helped move IT organizations from 25% to 60%+ virtualized, significantly reducing costs for both infrastructure and application licensing. It laid the foundation for integrated IT organizations by enabling converged infrastructure and multiple points of automation.

Now more than ever, it’s time to deliver on the Journey to Hybrid Cloud. It’s time to bring the power of automated, on-demand, self-service capabilities within IT’s grasp and begin to accelerate the business.

EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0

EMC Cloud Solutions

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EMC receives “Excellent” rating in Gartner for Case Management Frameworks Research

Rohit Ghai

Rohit Ghai

SVP & GM, Products and Solutions, Information Intelligence Group at EMC

The nature of work is changing from predictable processes to information-intensive processes and decision-making.  Organizations across various industries are redefining their work as “case-oriented” rather than transactional, according to Gartner. In turn, case management is moving beyond traditional enterprise content management and business process management. It can include document capture, process automation, collaboration, and analytics.

Today, I am delighted to share that Gartner, Inc. has once again rated EMC with an “Excellent” in its recently published Critical Capabilities for Case Management Report. Gartner evaluated 11 vendors of Case Management Frameworks (CMFs) across four use cases: investigative, service request, incident management, and process to decision.

Case management solutions treat a “case” as the primary aspect of work to be managed to a successful outcome; workflow is secondary. Cases do not progress serially nor predictably. There are multiple dependent workflows and associated object types, such as data, content, people, machines and policies. These interdependent relationships are the key architectural challenge.” – Gartner, Inc.

For years, Documentum xCP has enabled organizations across various industries to rapidly build and deploy solutions that automate information intensive business processes to drive better decision making. It’s about faster time to market by building, deploying and managing case management and other process and content applications through composition rather than time-consuming custom coding.

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